Advantages of Jubilee Clips

What are the advantages of Jubilee Clips?

What are the advantages of Jubilee clips? Well lets start with the build quality, as the market leader Jubilee have combined perfectly simple mechanical operation with strength and durability. The size selections really are expansive and each clip has its own sizing range for example 60-80mm hose external diameter. This flexibility means you don’t necessarily have to stock the entire size range to cover what you require.

Since the birth of the Jubilee worm drive clip there have been others but none are yet to match them for quality. What makes them so good? Well the construction of the worm drive is what reveals the quality, poor quality clips can easily be overtightened or not allow to be tightened enough to secure your hose.

More advantages of Jubilee Clips

When securing softer pliable hoses especially under 10 Bar the bevelled edges of a genuine Jubilee hose clamp helps create a great fit but also reduces any external damage to the hose itself. This is where a quality hose clamp can assist in extending the life span of your hoses. Overall this highly versatile hose clip offers great quality for its intended purpose and when put next to one of its inferior cousins you can certainly see that purchasing genuine Jubilee hose clamps is a sound investment.

Quite possibly one of the most recognised consumable products in the world The original Jubilee Clips. This is the product that started it all! For the vast majority of applications this sturdy worm drive hose clip is more than suitable. We hold a large stock of mild steel zinc protected jubilee clips in store available to collect or be delivered.

We have huge range of Jubilee Clips

We can order in stainless steel clamp in both 304 (18/8) and 316 (18/10) grades of stainless steel by 9am next day. This product has a band that is continuously threaded enabling extra flexibility when adjusting the clip to the correct size. The smooth inside profile of the band and rolled edges give protection for all types of hoses including soft hoses made from rubber or silicone. All original Jubilee Clips are independently tested by the British Standards Institute (BSi) and carry the British Standard Kitemark. This certification is universally regarded as the most stringent standard there is for a hose clip.

Both grades of stainless steel jubilee clips are also accredited by Lloyds Register for marine use. There have been many more brands and alternatives on the market but none of which replicate the quality of Jubilee. We have stocked these in store for many years and they are incredibly popular amongst our automotive clients. For a full and precise guide on sizes and pressure ratings check out https://www.jubileeclips.co.uk/products/original/

Jubilee clip sizes

9.5 – 12, 11-16, 13-20, 16-22, 18-25, 22-30, 25-35, 30-40, 32-45, 35-50, 40-55, 45-60, 55-70, 60-80. There are huge range of jubilee clips that we can obtain by 9am next Monday to Friday. However this list above are without doubt the best sellers and we hold all of them in stock in large numbers.

You can buy with confidence as these are used across a huge range of equipment from agricultural, marine and motorsports with fantastic reviews. For all enquiries or bulk orders of jubilee clips please feel free to contact us on 01245 267381. Alternatively you can email us at mark@hydrahose.com .

Advantages of Jubilee Clips – A hugely popular product.

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