Brass Hose Tails & Joiners

Without question our Air Pro range of brass hose tails & joiners are one of our biggest sellers. Used in 1000’s of applications they are suitable for a large variety of media including water, oil, air and fuel. This particular range have many variations in both BSP Taper thread and NPT.

NPT hose tails

Our Chelmsford store has lots of variations in stock available for collection or delivery. The range extends to NPT threaded and Nickel plated although these are often ordered in on request. The brass threaded hose tails conform with ISO7.1, BS21 and DIN2999. Such is our relationship with our distributors we can have special orders with us by 9am next working day. These particular brass fittings and often sealed with a form of thread sealant/lock or ptfe tape. Hoses are pushed on to the tail and secured commonly with a Jubilee clip, O clip or Mikalor clamp.

Selecting the right size Hose Tails

Construction: Tube – Synthetic rubber, black and hot water-resistant. Reinforcement – Two high tensile steel wire braids. Cover – Synthetic rubber, black or blue available. Weather, oil, ozone and abrasion-resistant. Branding – ALFAGOMMA ALFAJET 400/210 Bar WP – 155°C
Applications: High pressure cleaning hose.

For heavy duty use with hot and cold water and detergent fluids, and high pressure cleaning equipment. Extremely flexible, light weight and easy to handle. The use of bend restrictors/cuffs can also help to extend service life. Not recommended for steam service.
Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) to 300°F (155°C) constant operation. Maximum operating temperature: 300°F (155°C). Air maximum temperature: 175°F (80°C). Note: Operating temperatures in excess of 300°F (155°C) may materially reduce the life of the hose

Our Chelmsford based store has used Alfagomma for over 30 years now which is te

Selecting the right size fitting, if you have any concerns about getting the correct size please feel free to call us on 01245 267381. The full range of these brass hose tails will be readily available on our e-shop.

BSP sizes do not match up with what you measure on the scale of a ruler, which can obviously cause some confusion. For example a 1/2″ BSP thread actually measures more like 3/4″ with a ruler. The size was originally based on the inside diameter which is measured in inches of a steel pipe for which the thread was intended. This is the source of the confusion, as people think the size refers to the outside diameter of the male thread. Another cause of confusion when selecting a hose tail is when NPT threads are involved.

By using a thread gauge you can quickly resolve any difference between a BSPT and NPT hose tail. NPT is commonly an American style thread system so if your components are American made its likely you will NPT fittings.

Range of brass hose tail sizes

  • 1/8″ bspt x 1/8″ hose ID
  • 1/8″ bspt x 5/16″ hose ID
  • 1/4″ bspt x 1/4″ hose ID
  • 1/4″ bspt x 5/16″ hose ID
  • 1/4″ bspt x 3/8″ hose ID
  • 1/4″ bspt x 1/2″ hose ID
  • 3/8″ bspt x 1/4″ hose ID
  • 3/8″ bspt x 5/16″ hose ID
  • 3/8″ bspt x 3/8″ hose ID
  • 3/8″ bspt x 1/2″ hose ID
  • 3/8″ bspt x 5/8″ hose ID
  • 3/8″ bspt x 3/4″ hose ID
  • 1/2″ bspt x 1/4″ hose ID
  • 1/2″ bspt x 3/8″ hose ID
  • 1/2″ bspt x 1/2″ hose ID
  • 1/2″ bspt x 3/4″ hose ID
  • 3/4″ bspt x 3/4″ hose ID
  • 3/4″ bspt x 1″ hose ID
  • 1″ bspt x 3/4″ hose ID
  • 1″ bspt x 1″ hose ID
  • 1/1.4″ bspt x 1/1.4″ hose ID

Looking for hose joiners and tee pieces we also stock these from the same manufacturer and at great prices. For all enquiries or bulk orders please feel free to contact us on 01245 267381. Alternatively you can email us at mark@hydrahose.com. Hydrahose Service Ltd has supplied brass hose joiners, hose tails and tee pieces to its customers for many years. Our customer base is largely Essex areas such as Chelmsford, Maldon, Basildon, Heybridge and Colchester. Being brass these fittings are suitable for a wide range of media. Commonly used with water, oil, gas, fuel and compressed air. Often used in conjunction with PCL couplings for workshop airlines we can make these to bespoke lengths where required.

Hose Tails delivered

We take huge pride in the large stock levels we keep and the rapid delivery of these items to our customers. Our web shop offers the greatest value but you can see our eBay feedback here. Due to hold such a great in store stock we can post all online or telephone orders same day. To our customers more local to Chelmsford if you require them same day and need us to hand deliver them this is also available.