Fast, Loud or both.

Business and pleasure combined – it is no secret to our regular customers but I thought I would share it with those who may not know.

Hydraulic hoses, bearings and belts maybe the first thing you think when visiting our website or our Chelmsford based shop. However cars and in particular classic and race cars are our passion.

2019 alone we had projects on an Aston Martin track car, RS200, 67 Mustang and a Dodge charger. Plus our very own Super Pro Dragster which we hope to race again this year.

Our long history in motorsport and hot rodding has given us an unrivalled knowledge among our ‘rivals’. But most importantly connected us with the finest suppliers to ensure we supply and fit the very best quality products. In a time where its easy to purchase cheap fittings and hose online the fact remains you get what you pay for. The market leaders are priced accordingly and offer true product superiority.

Whilst we are aware Goodridge hoses can be bought for direct replacement this is only optional if no modifications have been made at any point. We largely use www.helperformance.com as we prefer to create our brake, fuel, oil and water lines bespoke. This allows the installer to hide hoses more discretely or to simplify installation and maintenance.


Based in Chelmsford you are more than welcome to visit us instore for any help and advice with your projects be it cars or bikes. We get a real kick out of seeing our customers finished projects so feel free to tag us in any photos on facebook.

Further more have a wonderful 2020 and thank you for all your support and custom.

We will also have our webshop live in 2020 for a huge range of big branded products.