Hose Joiners

One of the most recognisable, reputable and widely used hose joiners on the planet are created by Norma. Due to its design and being made from the highest quality materials including acetalcopolymerisat (POM). Norma joiners/menders are the market leaders. A fantastic way to securely connect silicon and rubber hoses/tubing when combined with a quality hose clamp.

Norma Hose Joiners
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The entire range of Norma hose fittings are superb and unrivalled for quality. Such is the versatility these hose joiners they have been used in many applications with great success. Most commonly used in the automotive, commercial and industrial sectors these truly set the standard to others. The surface of the push-on spigot is ribbed to ensure a tight and secure fit they are also Fuel Safe. Based in Chelmsford we stock a large range of these available for collection or delivery. The entire range is very large so we have the best sellers on the shelf with other items available by 9am the next day. The most commonly used joiners held in stock are as follows.

  • Equal straight joiners
  • Unequal/reducing straight joiners
  • Tee pieces
  • Elbow
  • Unequal Elbow
  • Y pieces

Benefits of Norma Hose Joiners

Why should you choose these Norma hose joiners over industry alternatives? Whether these fittings are used on, water, oil, gas, air or fuel they excel. Lightweight & high quality these plastic connectors have a working temperature = -40°C to 80°C and rated upto 10 BAR.
To conclude these joiners are tough, high quality and can be fitted quickly with ease.

Check out the size range of hose joiners

Straight reducers – NOR-GRS4-3, NOR-GRS5-4, NOR-GRS6-4, NOR-GRS8-4, NOR-GRS8-6, NOR-GRS10-6, NOR-GRS10-8, NOR-GRS12-8, NOR-GRS12-10.

Straight Joiners – NOR-GS3, NOR-GS4, NOR-GS5, NOR-GS6, NOR-GS10, NOR-GS12, NOR-GS13, NOR-GS14, NOR-GS16, NOR-GS19, NOR-GS25.

Equal Hose tail Tee joiners – NOR-TS3, NOR-TS4, NOR-TS5, NOR-TS6, NOR-TS10, NOR-TS12, NOR-TS13, NOR-TS14, NOR-TS16, NOR-TS19, NOR-TS25.

If you are unsure of what joiner sizes you require you are most welcome to bring the hose or off cut to store. Our long running history in motorsports gives us the knowledge to supply the best components on the market.

You can buy with confidence as these are used across a huge range of equipment with brilliant reviews. For all enquiries or bulk orders please feel free to contact us on 01245 267381. Alternatively you can email us at mark@hydrahose.com