Why should you choose branded hose?

Why choose branded hydraulic hose over unbranded.

How many times have you suffered downtime due to unexpected burst hydraulic hoses or fittings popping off? Not only does it cost down time, it can be a hefty call out fee. Plus the cost of another hose, mess to clear up, purchasing more oil and worst of all possible injury/damages.

2019 like years prior to this has seen more and more unbranded hoses and fittings enter the market place at cheaper prices. Which is only a good thing for the purchasing consumer right?

Of course some unbranded components are fit for purpose or duration of use. However often they do not meet the criteria and specifications for certain installers/designers. Unbranded hydraulic hose should be a huge red flag to anyone purchasing them.

Quality hydraulic hoses will prevail

Visually it looks similar, has a selection of SAE or ISO numbers and it may even have a 4400psi rating stamped on (if any of that is true). But it’s selling point is it’s cheap, cheap doesn’t buy you reliability, quality and safety. For that reason it will never come close to the quality of the current market leaders. The regulations set out to them which they must comply to is what makes them the worlds finest. 

For that reason we have continually supplied and fitted Alfagomma (http://www.alfagomma.com/en/) for over 25 years. They are the only brand we trust to ensure our customers get the highest quality hydraulic hose available.

Everything from the quality of the oil resistant synthetic rubber and high tensile steel braiding. Alfagomma hose is the Rolls-Royce of hose although I should say Ferrari as their hose is Italian made.

Our 2 wire hose (R2AT) is without question our best selling hose. With applications including high pressure hydraulic lines, fuel oil, antifreeze solutions, air and water.

We take huge pride in the hose we supply our customers and that expands across the range of our services. Including hydraulic ram repairs, marine and performance cars. See ( https://hydrahose.com/services/ ) to see that we are much more than just hydraulic hoses.