Repair or Replace

The key here is value, will a repair provide a long term fix or will it fail again. Of course this is dependent on this application, a hose for example is always to best to make new. Hydraulic rams however are often the other side of the coin and repairing 99% of the time offers more value. This is also due to the extreme difficulty in finding a direct replacement off the shelf.

A large majority of the hydraulic rams we see often require a new seal kit to solve oil leaks. In other instances the reason for the escape of oil can be to pitting or a gauge in the rod. In our experience a lot of ram issues are much more cost effective to repair. This is a service we have supplied for many years with fast turn arounds and much success.

Hydraulic Ram Repair Success

We are turning ram reseals around within just a few days dependent on the availability of seals. Just recently we was required to make 2 bespoke hydraulic rams (the twins) for a large boat hoist. The challenge was accepted and from removal to installing the replacements back not even 3 weeks had passed, SUCCESS. When such an important client requests a job like this its always satisfying to exceed their expectations.

Your Hydraulic ram repair is carried out in house at our Chelmsford shop. This ensures the best value and fastest turn around times possible reducing your equipment down time.

hydraulic ram repair in essex

If your currently having any hydraulic ram issues with your equipment then feel free to contact us http:// www.hydrahose.com/contact. Alternatively for a faster resolution please come and visit us in store CM2 6HE (Hill Road South) Cornell Industrial Estate.