Mikalor Clamps in Chelmsford at great prices


So your undertaking a new vehicle project or general maintenance to your hose systems. Hydrahose Service Ltd is your trusted supplier of Mikalor Clamps in Chelmsford. Our great prices on Mikalor Clamps can be found here https://hydrahose.com/product-category/hose-clips-clamps/mikalor-clamps-w2/. A family business we take the upmost care and attention to every order placed and dispatch from our own stores. That’s correct we do not drop ship, our hose clamps are available for same day collection if you wish.


mikalor clamps chelmsford

Commonly known as supra clamps or super clamps the W2 range are exceptional. By the far most popular and widely used heavy duty clips on the market. Produced in the E.U. the brand Mikalor is recognisable as a market leader for securing hoses. Our superb prices are available to all via our web shop, with box quantities negotiable. With over 30 years trading, these clamps offer reliability when you need it most.

A huge variety of suitable uses sees these hose clamps installed in all manor of places. Farm equipment, boats, motorsports and haulage to name a handful. Particularly favoured in the automotive industry they are superb on silicon hoses and look great too.

Mikalor Clamps in Chelmsford Store and available online.

When it comes to Mikalor clamps in Chelmsford you can visit us in store and collect or check sizes at your convenience. Although we ship same day before 12pm, our doors are open till 5pm. Your always welcome in store but if you cant reach us we can confirm your required sizes over the phone. Contact us on 01245 267381 alternatively email us at mark@hydrahose.com

A full specification of the Mikalor W2 range is available from http://www.mikalor.com/hose-clamps-high-pressure-eng . The W4 range is not a stock item but we can have it in store by 9am next day at our cost. Our prices are based on the average purchase of 5-20 clamps (1 size). Should you be looking to order larger quantities in one size or more please contact us directly. Hydrahose Service Ltd your premium supplier of Mikalor clamps in Chelmsford.