Mikalor Supra Hose Clamps at fantastic prices

Mikalor Supra Hose Clamps are the market leader for heavy duty hose clamps. They are used for the most demanding of hose and pipe assemblies. Quality and consistent we have sold these hose clamps from our Chelmsford store for many years now with great success. You can really benefit from the clamps unique swivelling bridge. Which allows the hose clamp to be mounted in the most awkward of applications.

This results in you being able to re-secure the hose in position with out having to remove it. Mikalor hose clamps can also be opened and fastened in place without dislodging other parts. A real positive to these clamps are the bevelled edges to protect the hose from damage when tightening. These hose clamps are popular for industrial, automotive, marine and agricultural machinery hoses. Purchasing in bulk allows us to not only hold huge stock but we can offer our customers the best prices.


The specifications of mikalor supra hose clamps are superb and can be found at http://www.mikalor.com/hose-clamps-high-pressure-eng. Mikalor hose clamps are used very heavily in the automotive industry. They are often used on exhaust and silicone hose systems as they are incredibly robust and look the business. Car and motorbike fans will know the respected brand of Mikalor very well indeed. Our Chelmsford based clients are huge fans especially the agricultural sector who appreciate there high pressure capabilities. 

Mikalor clamps in Chelmsford 

The Mikalor Supra Clamp also goes by the names of super clamp or supra clamps. There are an increasing amount of imitations on the market but none that rival the quality of Mikalor. Available in a range of materials and colours the clamps can cover a large range of media. Our online shop has the Supra W2 range available for collection or next day delivery by DHL. Located in the heart of Chelmsford we stock a massive range of the W2 of Mikalor supra clamps. The W2 range has a stainless steel band which reacts really well to temperature changes. This allows the clamps to stay more secure than the market alternatives. For all enquiries for mikalor supra clamps please feel free to contact us https://hydrahose.com/contact/. We have a huge range of clamps, clips and hoses to help you complete your projects. The reputation of Hydrahose Service Ltd has been built on using the best brands and Mikalor are a market leader.