Jubilee Clips

Jubilee Clips – Classic worm drive hose clip

Quite possibly one of the most recognised consumable products in the world The original Jubilee clip. This is the product that started it all! For the vast majority of applications this sturdy worm drive hose clip is more than suitable. We hold a large stock of mild steel zinc protected jubilee clips in store available to collect or be delivered.

Jubilee clip sizes in stock 9.5 – 12, 11-16, 13-20, 16-22, 18-25, 22-30, 25-35, 30-40, 32-45, 35-50, 40-55, 45-60, 55-70, 60-80 and 70-90. There are huge range of jubilee clips that we can obtain by 9am next day Monday to Friday. However the list above are without doubt the best sellers and we hold all of them in stock in large numbers. You can buy with confidence as these are used across a huge range of equipment from agricultural, marine and motorsports with fantastic reviews. For all enquiries or bulk orders of jubilee clips please feel free to contact us on 01245 267381.

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