Mikalor Clamps W2

Mikalor clamps W2 range – Band: AISI 430 Stainless steel
Bolt: Steel Cr3 white zinc plated marine industry

The Mikalor W2 hose clamp – Is in our opinion the best in the industry for securing hoses and exhausts in a large manner of environments. Commonly known as Mikalor Clamps & Super Clamps – The Supra range is the natural evolution of the Super W1 Clamp. With a revolutionary swivelling bridge, the Supra can be mounted in the most awkward and confined spaces without having to remove the hose.

Should you require any assistance at all getting the correct size for your specification please call us. The Super clamp is in its element in agricultural applications, wastewater extraction, mining, quarrying, or in other sectors where a rugged yet competitively priced heavy-duty clamp is required.

These Mikalor clamps can often be referred to as silicone hose clamps or super clamps and can be often seen in engine bays, which can comprise of a selection of different hoses. Each of these hoses carrying different media from air to fluids all with different requirements and specifications. When restoring aging vehicles hoses should be inspected thoroughly and replaced if necessary.

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