P Clips

EPDM Rubber Lined UK Made P Clips

Hydrahose Service Ltd are stockists of quality products that extend to rubber lined p clips. A simple yet very important part which allows hoses to be secured whilst reducing abrasion. JCS UK made rubber lined p clips are made from Mild Steel and Zinc Plated for a nice finish. The clips then have a black EPDM Rubber liner which helps to grip and reduce friction.

The single piece construction of JCS rubber lined p clips means the clip is very strong. Suitable for a wide range of uses you will often see them used to secure hoses and cables. Dependent on the installation environment we offer a mild steel and stainless steel finish which often caters for our marine customers.

EPDM P clips

The quality EPDM liner offers a form of sound insulation whilst damping out any vibration. The upper fixing hole has an elongated design allowing simpler installation of the clip. EPDM rubber offers numerous advantages over cheaper alternatives including a wide operating temperature range. EPDM Rubber lined p clips also have improved resistance to UV (ultra violet) weathering increasing the lifespan. The popularity of these clips sees them used in motorsports, classic cars, plant and marinas.

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