SPA V Belts Wrapped Wedge

Hydrahose Service Ltd are stockists of a huge range of the superb Pix manufactured belts. With a huge in house stock we can send orders fast and they can be collected in store. We regularly supply customers across Chelmsford, Maldon, Heybridge, Witham, Brentwood and other surrounding areas. Purchase spa v belts here.

PIX SPA V Belts 13mm wide x 10mm deep

FRAS Belts :
The entire PIX range of industrial belts exceeds international standards for oil and heat resistance, as well as antistatic properties.
However, the range is also available to certified FRAS specification (Fire Resistant Anti-Static), where extreme and
hazardous conditions are encountered, such as oil rigs, mines, chemical plants etc. PIX FRAS belts are approved by
RJB Mining (formerly British Coal), and also carry ATEX certification.

Why choose PIX spa v belts

Wrapped SPA V Belts
Standard : BS3790

• Oil Resistant
• Antistatic
• Temperature range : -18oC to +70oC
• Maximum belt linear speed : 30m/sec

Features & Benefits

  • “FREE SET” stringent length tolerance guaranteed Belt Characteristics ensure high performance in heavy-duty, continuous running applications
  • POLYCHOLORPRENE Wrap for ire resistance in event of slippage
  • ATEX certified, FRAS belts available on request
  • EXTENSIVE RANGE available from 250mm to 16789mm
  • High PERFORMANCE/PRICE ratio Manufacturing to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 : 2002
spa v belts

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